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Tijuana has been for many years, the most visited border city in the world. It became a melting pot of cultural diversities.

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It offers a great service in terms of dental health. Providing the same or even higher quality treatments as the U.S on a much lower price. Each year, more and more people of Canada and United States cross the border to start a treatment plan knowing they are in good hands.

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dental tourism . .

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Did you ever imagine that going to the dentist would be so pleasant?

We do, that's why we want to offer you only the BEST dental experience, making sure that your stay and travel will be as comfortable as you deserve. No matter where you come from, we pick you up at the San Diego Airport or at the Tijuana International Airport.

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The city can bring the best of itself when it comes to food. Going from “Telefonica Gastro Park", which is the heart of the food trucks and beer, to its finest gourmet cuisine such as, Javier Plascencia ́s “Mision 19" and the restaurant “Caesars", creators of the famous Caesars Salad. Also close to Tijuana, is “Valle de Guadalupe", home of the richest wines as well as the gourmet cuisine “Baja Med". And don ́t forget to visit “Puerto Nuevo" and eat a delicious lobster at the seashore.


Tijuana is known for being a major producer of craft beer. Where ever you go, you will always find the right place to try out new craft beer. “Teorema Ludica brewery", “Cerveceria Insurgente brewery", “Tres Fuegos brewery", “Cerveceria Tijuana" and “Mamut Brewery" are great places where you can enjoy a tasteful craft beer.


Tijuana is re-inventing itself through amazing buildings that are quickly giving life to the downtown which is one of the most iconic parts of the city, creating a concept where essential needs come together to make life even greater. Work offices, restaurants and apartments, all in one. Tijuana is growing to have an optimized and modern lifestyle, not only to residents but to every person worldwide that visits the city.


Tijuana ́s hotels can surely give you the best experience possible. The city has great hotels such as “Hotel Lucerna", “City Express" and “Pueblo Amigo".


You can also enjoy of a great walk on the renovated seafront of “Playas de Tijuana". Try out the perfect combination of coffee and beach by visiting “Café Latitud 32" you surely won ́t regret it. If that is not enough for you, dive into “Playas de Rosarito" known for the coolest nightlife.


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“Trading an unsavory reputation for a great food scene."

Though still rough around the edges, this fast-growing border town is on the rise, with a luxury condo boom and a new $60 million bus rapid transit system. Tijuana is also having a culinary renaissance, fueled by craft breweries, stylish coffee shops and globally informed restaurants that range from Telefónica Gastro Park’s hipster food trucks to bustling Baja Med spots like La Querencía in the riverside Zona Río neighborhood.

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We have experience with Dental Tourism in Tijuana. Our main purpose is to make you feel comfortable offering transportation & lodging. 


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One of the most popular chains in Mexico, with the finest facilities representing premium hosting. Lucerna has two connected buildings, Boutique Hotel " K tower “. Its has personalized rooms in the name of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Frida Kahlo. The other section is Lucerna Resort with comfortable rooms and summer atmosphere while being in a cosmopolitan area.


  • 2 Restaurants
  • 2 Bar
  • Pool and Spa
  • Shuttle Service Hotel – Clinic – Hotel
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Room Service 24Hrs


Pueblo Amigo Hotel is a traditional hotel in the city, with renovated facilities. Perfect for walking US patients, and an affordable price with high standards. If you like to gamble, the hotel has a casino right inside, where you can spend a good time.


  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Shuttle Service Hotel – Clinic – Hotel.
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Room Service 24 Hrs
  • Sport Bar Casino
  • Affordable Price
  • Wide Room
  • Mini Fridge
  • Breakfast ( Not Include )
  • 1/8 Mile to the Border
  • Private Driver for Tourismo in Baja ( Aditional Price )


Located in the heart of Zona Rio, with Financial Area around. In one of the Cosmopolitan buildings. Modern facilities, that will make you feel like home, with an amazing panoramic view. Access to restaurants, bars “Plaza Fiesta" and the biggest mall in the city. Close to the hotel you'll find Mexican crafts, candy, and fruit “Mercado Hidalgo". If you wish to know the city, this is one of the main areas where you'll have everything around.


  • Restaurants.
  • Shuttle Service Hotel – Clinic – Hotel.
  • WI-FI Access
  • Kitchen in Room
  • Refrigerator
  • Room Service 24Hrs
  • Gym
  • Breakfast
  • Expending Machine
  • Game Room (Pool Table)
  • Transportation to Valle de Guadalupe (Additional Cost)